Hinged Joint Fence - Top Hill

About Hinged Joint Fence

Hinged Joint Fence is the most popular pre-fabricated fence used globally. The Hinged Joint allows the necessary flexibillity to move without breaking wires when pressure is placed on the fence by stock. All wires are heavily galvanised for extended life. TopHill hinged joint fence have 2 different type:

All line wires are high tensile 2.5mm wires, and all vertical wires are soft 2.5mm.

This range has the same feature as standard Hinged Joint but has the additional strength of 2.8mm top and bottom line wires, saving the need for top and bottom selvedge wires.

The following example can be applied to all sizes 6/90/30: 6 horizontal wire graduated spacing, 90cm fence height,30cm vertical picket spacings.

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