2.0m H x 1.5m L x 0.5m D 800KG Garage Shelving - Top Hill

2m x 1.5m x 0.5m 800KG


Package Size:

4850 Frame Box : 208 x 10 x 10 cm, 7.8 KG
4850-200 Panel Box : 95 x 20 x 23cm 16.5 KG
Cross Beam Box : 198 x 20 x 21 cm 13.5KG

2 Years Warranty + 100% satisfaction guarantee
* 2M x 1.5M x 0.5M 800kg
* Weight Capacity up to 800kg, each level up to 200kg
* 4 Layers Adjustable Heights
Height Click-in System High Grade Powder Coated Finish
Free standing or Fixable to the Ground Easy Assembly

This garage shelving unit can be used for storage in garages, warehouses, and commercial settings, perfect for storing boxes, tools and much more. With a 800kg weight capacity, this high-quality metal shelving unit is an excellent medium-duty garage storage solution.

Featuring a smart lock-in system, these shelving units require no tools for assembly and can be bolted to the ground for a permanent and secure storage system. The powder coated beams and uprights give this garage shelving unit a professional finished look and its shelves are each reinforced with steel hat rails (to be fitted as required).

These medium-duty, These garage shelving units are also extendable simply purchase additional shelving units to meet your storage needs. These garage storage racks are built tough to Australian Standards and made to withstand the test


  • Weight capacity: 200kg per level, 800kg per bay
  • Powder coated beam and uprights
  • Smart lock-in system
  • UPRIGHTS: Able to be bolted to the floor for permanent fixture for warehouse use or left as is for simple garage installation.
  • SHELVING: Maximum load bearing of 200kg per shelf with reinforced steel hat rails to be fitted as required.
  • EXTENDABLE: Simply purchase multiple storage racks to meet you vast storage
  • ASSEMBLY: No tools required for assembly


2 x Uprights
8 x Cross Beams
8 x shelf panels

Product Assembly and Compatibility


This Product is supplied and delivered unassembled. But it is quite easy to assemble , take components out of the box and put them together .


They are CLICK IN System, Secure with Safety Locks Provided and its ready to use.

Bear Perle
Bear Perle
02:51 22 Mar 21
We bought 35 head cattle yard from Top Hill, Good pricing quick service friendly staff. All round good business.
Niam Nerval
Niam Nerval
08:45 19 Mar 21
I purchased a 400 head sheep yard from Top Hill. The panels was perfect, exactly as I had ordered and was all ready to... go. The welding was amazing and very strong. They are very helpful and communicated very well. Thank you so much!read more
bill zhao
bill zhao
05:14 13 Mar 21
I'm super impressed with the blue white shelving units. They have been a breeze to install and have set up along my... garage wall all square. Fantastic value for money.read more
Kelsey (Steel fencing)
Kelsey (Steel fencing)
02:25 13 Mar 21
I purchased some cattle yard panels from TOP HILL in Portland Victoria. The panels are very good, exactly as I had... ordered and was all ready to go.read more
Kay Chan
Kay Chan
23:52 11 Mar 21
Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Got all my cattle yard needs at massive deal. Picked up a few garage shelving while... picking up my yards. Perfect one stop shop for my yard and shed.read more
Liz Chau
Liz Chau
04:25 05 Mar 21
Ordered 400 head sheep yard recently and overall very happy with the quality and price. Delivery driver had issue with... using the onboarding truck crane (training related not equipment related) so we ended up unloading by hand. Luckily there wasn't too much material to unload but as a customer I do suggest the company to take action to ensure all drivers are well trained and competent to operate cranes before sending them out for delivery for obvious health and safety reasons - both your employees and your customers.read more
mukul bhatt
mukul bhatt
03:09 11 Feb 21
Very helpful. Got exactly what I wanted and helpful staff got it into my trailer. Thank you.
Liew SP
Liew SP
03:07 11 Feb 21
Great place to go to get things at great prices and people that know what they are talking. I bought some sheep yards... from Top Hill.read more
Rob Monk
Rob Monk
07:05 16 Nov 20
Ordered an 11m Round Yard, with local pick up included, and paid in full. Then received an additional invoice asking... me to pay for it to be delivered to their local depot. When i questioned this they said they were out of stock at my local depot and needed to get one there. I refused as their website never mentioned a charge for local pick up. A couple of days later after asking a number of times for them to advise me when i could pick it up, they advised me that they had cancelled the order because they no longer had any stock at their main warehouse. Would not recommend anybody dealing with them.read more
Unitex Australia
Unitex Australia
06:12 30 Jul 20
I purchased some cattle yard panel and sliding gate from TOP HILL in Portland Victoria. The panels was perfect, exactly... as I had ordered and was all ready to go. The welding was amazing and very strong. Kelly was very helpful and communicated very well. Thank you so much!read more
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